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An Increased Urgency for School Reform

All of our city’s children, in every neighborhood in the city, should be able to benefit from a quality education. As Mayor, Muriel will lead the effort for real school reform and instructional programs that work.

Muriel will expand early childhood learning opportunities to give our kids a strong foundation for kindergarten—and the years ahead. She will invest in quality feeder schools, so that our middle schoolers are prepared for the rigors of higher learning. And she’ll enhance our children’s preparation for the workforce with quality career and technical educational programs.

For teachers and students, she’ll provide the resources and flexibility to increase instructional time, and provide additional resources to schools with innovative programs found to be effective in significantly advancing academic growth.

Muriel knows that while we must give our Schools Chancellor the resources to succeed, any Chancellor is only as good as the Mayor who backs him/her up.

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By 2040, our city is predicted to grow by 200,000 and our infrastructure needs will grow accordingly. Our quality of life is measured in many ways. An efficient, balanced and well-maintained transportation system, which truly integrates all modes of transportation, is one important element. Safe, clean and aesthetic neighborhoods and public spaces is another. How our city supports clean air and water quality, manages our storm water runoff, collects and disposes our trash and other solid waste, and recycles are still others.

Muriel will drive infrastructure investment by initiating creative solutions like public/private partnerships that will allow greater flexibility and increased revenues while protecting the interests of DC’s residents.

Improved Government

DC needs a government that works for the people and is open to the people. Muriel will open our government so that DC residents have the ability to discuss their concerns and make suggestions of what we can do better.

We also need government agencies made up of the best and the brightest we can attract. Muriel will seek cabinet members, employees and others who possess both substantial credentials in a professional discipline but also a solid grounding in ethical management and decision-making. Good judgment will be a hallmark of Bowser Administration officials at all levels, their actions will be held to the highest standards of ethical behavior and management.

Economic Fairness

There are two vastly different economies in the District. The first, for college graduates thriving in well-paying information and government jobs populate one economy. The other is for people lacking higher education, scrambling for even low-paying work. This city has enjoyed an increase (2/3 of the growth) in young people moving to DC, bringing new restaurants, clubs and cultural diversity. This is wonderful and will and should continue. At the same time, there is another DC with struggling schools, high under-employment and inadequate investment. It is time for us all to work together to change this. We cannot all be truly proud of our city as long as it is among cities with the highest wealth disparity.

Muriel will work to make sure that all of DC’s residents can find sustainable employment that allows them to succeed by increasing the city’s minimum wage, working to increase educational opportunities beyond just 4-year degree programs and providing incentives for businesses to move into the District and flourish.